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A place to talk about that which concerns us most as business people, that which inspires us when business hours are over, and those musings that may or may not have to do with either.  Life is short.  Make money, yes, and then…

Trust Yourself – Trust Science

Without a doubt, there are tried and true business processes, protocols and procedures that just plain work. There is a tool box. The more we know of it and the more we put those tools and axioms into play, the more successful we might be. Find the tool box. By all...

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What does our logo mean? At O’Keeffe Consulting, we thought long and hard about our core values and what we have learned from years of experience in businesses. We wanted our logo to speak to that essential nugget of wisdom that we’ve seen make the...

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Customer Intimacy

How well do we maintain a connection with our customers after we make a sale? Was this just a transaction or the beginning of a long relationship?   I bought a middle-of-the-line Taylor acoustic guitar maybe fifteen years ago, through a local dealer in Boulder. It was...

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O’Keeffe Consulting provides consulting and training services to specialty lifestyle businesses involved in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, e-commerce and non-profit endeavors.