What does our logo mean?

At O’Keeffe Consulting, we thought long and hard about our core values and what we have learned from years of experience in businesses. We wanted our logo to speak to that essential nugget of wisdom that we’ve seen make the difference between success and mediocrity, whatever it was. Is it about making our customers our friends? A relentless commitment to quality in our products and services? Continuous improvement? Cost-cutting?

Businesses succeed or fail for all kinds of reasons, but our belief is the essential characteristic of success is the harmony among the group of human beings who work in companies and the glue that binds them together and that fosters their creativity, commitment and engagement. We believe this harmony is not only the magic ingredient within teams and companies, but as well, between companies and their customers, suppliers and service providers.

We admit to a degree of Sinophilia, due to an aggregate of over a year or more working in China, so we chose the Chinese characters for “harmony” as shown above. This is pronounced “héxié”.  The two characters mean roughly “with” and “to take someone by the hand”.

People are the “engine” of organizations and the real equity found in those that are successful. Though not expressed on a balance sheet, people and the energy generated when teams of people function harmoniously are the organizational grail.

When people are respected, when communications are clear and transparent, when leadership is accessible, when honesty and integrity are second nature and when customers and suppliers feel included, creativity and collaboration can grow and the chances for success increase.

Through our consulting, O’Keeffe Consulting works with clients on organizational structure, internal communications, transparent and lean processes, leadership skills and supplier and service provider relations.