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With gratitude to all of those who mentored me in my journey from an idealistic youngster, to a skilled executive in several extraordinary businesses,  I have created this consultancy to help others define their goals and grow their business in alignment with their values.

01. People

What does the logo mean?  It is Mandarin for “Harmony”.  

A common western orientation tends to value individuality and independence above cooperation.

In our experience, cooperation and feeling we are a valued member of our team foster greater success now, and a more sustainable, reliable result in the future.

Great things happen when people know their contribution is valued.

02. Process

Even talented people functioning within a poor process will produce poor results.

Often the solution to sub-optimal performance is a matter of evaluating the workflows and processes employed by a department or even an entire organization.

Planning a reorganization? Get a review of your planned org changes to ensure the change will produce the results you need.    

03. Profits

We’re in business to make money or we won’t be in business for long.

The basics must always be in place before any “greatness” can happen.

O’Keeffe Consulting can help evaluate products, product lines, categories, divisions, or entire companies to identify opportunities to boost your bottom line and liquidity.

We love our numbers!


Geoff O’Keeffe has worked in the outdoor industry for many years, serving in executive and managerial roles in startups, publicly-traded and private equity owned companies, in retail, e-commerce, and branded wholesale environments, in sales, marketing, supply chain and operations roles.

He has mentored countless others, many of whom have subsequently advanced to executive management roles in notable companies.

In his spare time Geoff enjoys mentoring students at University of Colorado, Boulder, through the Leeds School of Business. He gets fired up by being of service to others who are seeking to make their vision a reality.   

In his personal time Geoff is a writer, musician, traveler, father, husband and grandfather. Geoff lives with his wife, Sandra O’Keeffe at 7,120 feet on five acres in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.


Founder / Owner, O’Keeffe Consulting, LLC

Founder / Principal, New Normal Consulting, LLC

VP Global Supply Chain, American Recreation Products

President, Slumberjack

President, Mountainsmith

President, 105 Meridien

President, Lowe Alpine Systems, USA

VP Merchandising and Operations, Planetoutdoors.com

Business Manager, North America Retail, Patagonia

Senior VP Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing, Adventure 16

VP, Black Ice


Director, Mytrail.com

Director, ORCA, predecessor to the Outdoor Industry Association

Director, The Conservation Alliance

Director, Paradox Sports, a non-profit committed to adaptive sports activities for the disabled

Director, The Cleveland National Forest Foundation

Director, Eon Zen Center

Mentor, University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business

Premium Outdoor Companies

Executive Board Positions

Years in Specialty Businesses

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